standards equivalences

Table of copper alloy

CU-ETP E-Cu57 20060 C-11000 C101 CuA1 C-1110 CU-ETP CW004A Cu: 99,90 MIN.
CU-OF OF-Cu 2.0040 C-10200 C103 CuC1 C-1120 CU-OF CW0084 Cu:99,95 MIN.
CU-OFE SE-Cu 2.0070 C-10100 C110 CuC2 C-1116 CU-OFE CW009A Cu: 99,9 MIN. P:0,0003
CU-DHP SF-Cu 2.0090 C-12200 C106 CuB1 C-1130 CU-DHP CW024A Cu:99,85 MIN. P:0,013-0,05
CU-PHC SE-Cu 2.0070 C-10300 - - C-1115 CU-HCP CW021A Cu:99,95 MIN.
CU-DLP SW-Cu 2.0076 C-12000 - CuB2 - CU-DLP CW023A Cu:99,90 MIN. P:0,004-0,012
CU-Ag0,05 CuAg0,05 2.1200 OFS 10500 C-11300 CuAgOF2 C103 - C-1140 ETP-CW011A DHP-CW014A OF-CW019A Ag:0,03-0,05 Cu:resto
CU-Ag0,07 CuAg0,07 OFS 10600 CuAgOF3 -
ETP-CW012A DHP-CW015A OF-CW018A AG:0,06-0,08 Cu:resto
CU-Ag0,10 CuAg0,10 2.1203 OFS 10700 CuAgOF4 C103 - C-1141 ETP-CW013A DHP-CW016A OF-CW019A Ag:0,08-0,12 Cu:resto
CU-TE CuTeP 2.1546 DPTE 14500 C-14500 CuTe C109 CuTe 1336 - CW118C Cu+Te:99,90 Te:0,4-0,7 P:0,004-0,012
CU-S CuSP 2.1498 C-14700 Cu-S C111 Cu-S 1336 - CW114C Cu+S:99,90 S:0,2-0,5 P:0,002-0,012
CU-CD-SN CuCdSn 2.1270 C-16500 - - - - -
CU-CD1 CuCd1 2.1265 C-16200 CuCd C108 - - -  

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In our offer we also have:

            Soft copper tubes

            ● Half - hard copper tubes

            Hard copper tubes

            PVC coated copper tubes

            Copper bars, rods and plates

            Copper tubes for LPG vehicles 

            Conductors, cables and wire

            Trolley wire


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